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Tripoli, latin Tripolis, Arabic Ṭarābulus, in full Ṭarābulus Ash- shām, (the eastern Tripoli), city and port, northwestern Lebanon, its lies on the Mediterranean coast at the mouth of the Abu’ Ali River, 40 miles (65 km) north-northeast of Beirut.

Culture & Lifestyle

The city has preserved its original character rooted in Arab history and thus avoided the commercialization and construction that has defined much of modern Beirut. With its welcoming population, beautiful beach resorts, and winding marketplaces and specialized souks, Tripoli has held onto the charm of old Lebanon.

Tripoli is a city with a rich history. It has a well preserved historic center that has retained its authenticity and cultural significance.  Also, the Tripoli enjoys several touristic and eco-touristic attractions in addition to the nine islands surrounding the Mina peninsula, the most famous of which the Rabbits’ island (which is currently a protected area) and the Palms islands.


Getting there

  • By car: Tripoli is a big city so a car comes in handy for a day or weekend trip. To get there by car, take the coastal highway northbound from Beirut past Jounieh and Byblos, and follow the signs to Tripoli.
  • By public transportation:  Buses leave from the Charles Helou Station in Beirut every 15 minutes so you can just head over and hop in the next bus. The buses are comfortable coaches, and some have Wi-Fi. The trip will set you back 5,000 LBP and take around an hour and a half to two hours, depending on traffic.




Tripoli while once economically comparable to Beirut has declined in recent decades. Organizations such as the Business Incubation Association in Tripoli (BIAT) are currently trying to revive traditional export businesses such as furniture production, artisanal copper goods, soaps, as well as expand new industries such as ICT offshoring and new technological invention.

Recently, a Tripoli development plan called "Tripoli Vision 2020" has been formulated and supported by a number of advisory councils including influential key government officials and prominent businessmen in the city. The goal of the project is to provide a comprehensive framework consisting of promoting investment, investing, training, re-skilling, talent placement and output promotion to reinvigorate the city’s economy. The Tripoli Vision 2020 was sponsored by the Prime Minister Saad Hariri Office and the Tripoli MPs Joint Office with the comprehensive study conducted by Samir Chreim of SCAS Inc

On-going security in and around Tripoli discourages any sort of major investments in the city.

Despite the scars of cities that are still challenging Tripoli in today’s socio-economic situation, the city remains appealing and its population is growing at a rapid pace. The region is still the exit point for many manufacturing exports and is known for its cadre of craftsmen, whether soap-makers or copper-workers. Today, the coastal city of Tripoli is home to around 320,000 inhabitants.

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