Tripoli Special Economic Zone - The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs with the AUB Masters program in Urban Planning and Policy, Department of Architecture and Design held a lecture and open discussion entitled: "The Tripoli Special Economic Zone: Piloting Public Private Partnerships for Economic Growth in Lebanon" by Sateh El-Arnaout Senior Urban and Regional Development Specialist Middle East and North Africa Region, World Bank. Dr. Sateh El-Arnaout is a Senior Urban and Regional Development Specialist at the World Bank for the Middle East and North Africa Region. He brings more than 25 years of experience to a wide range of areas on projects in 18 countries, spanning 3 continents. In 1989, he was awarded the "Sir Benjamin Baker" medal by the "Institution of Civil Engineers" for his research work on asset management in the UK. During 2007-2010, he was seconded from the World Bank to the Ministry of Finance and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Lebanon, providing policy advice to the Government of Lebanon. He currently manages a large urban and infrastructure portfolio in the GCC, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya. This presentation will provide an overview of international best practices in developing Special Economic Zones, with focused observations on background, scope and policy framework in the Lebanese context. - tsez,tripoli,lebanon,economic,zone,special


Tripoli Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) is administrated, regulated and developed by TSEZ Authority (TSEZA) which is a financially, legally and administratively independent government entity. TSEZA includes a Board of Directors comprising a President and six members from the private sector, who serve for five-year renewable terms. The Board of Directors is the highest governing body of this Authority.


The TSEZA is an agency of the government that maneuvers as a focal point for investors, is responsible for the development of the TSEZ, the promotion of trade, and the attraction of investments. It regulates economic activities, controls land use and development, and acts as the principal interface with private SEZ developers and operators. It designs and implements infrastructural development strategies, that attract investments and widen the spectrum of economic activities in the city. Through its one-stop-shop, many activities are facilitated such as: Registrations, Licensing, Duty free Imports, and Regulations.  TSEZA is also responsible for the development of the Knowledge and Innovation City while protecting the environment.

Chairman Letter

It is my pleasure to welcome to the website of the Tripoli Special Economic Zone (TSEZ). The TSEZ was established pursuant to Law No. 18 ratified by the Lebanese parliament in 2008. The TSEZ is destined to be one of the biggest development projects in Lebanon.

Our vision is to set up the TSEZ to become the focal trading and business platform for investors and a model for doing business in Lebanon. Once successfully launched, the TSEZ will act as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth and a lever for the transformation of Tripoli and the North of Lebanon thus inducing a positive contagion effect to the rest of the Lebanese economy.

Since the appointment of the Board of Directors of the TSEZ in 2015, the TSEZ Authority has achieved remarkable progress and crossed many milestones. Our achievements have been made possible thanks to the large support we have received from the relevant public authorities in the Lebanese Administration, the financial and technical support provided to
us by the donor community and multilateral development agencies in addition to the support of the Lebanese private sector and their representatives.

Our Board is committed to creating a model development project. As such we are steadfast in our mission to establish an investment platform that will enjoy an effective legal and regulatory framework, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a business-friendly working environment. In the process, we will commit to adopting global best practices, and to espousing transparent governance mechanisms, sound commercial principles, environmentally and socially responsible practices, and progressive and innovative client service delivery models.

I encourage you to browse our website to familiarize yourself with TSEZ’s value proposition and the services it will be offering to investors. We will be updating the website periodically and therefore we invite you to visit the site on a regular basis to stay informed of the latest developments.

Raya Haffar El Hassan
Chairperson-General Manager



TSEZA Mandate
TSEZA Responsibilities

The TSEZ Authority is designed to be a distinct legal entity, having administrative and financial autonomy, but with managerial oversight from the Prime Minister. The primary duties of the Authority are to develop the Tripoli Special Economic Zone, attract investors, and promote international trade. More specifically, the Authority is mandated to grant licenses to enterprises in the zone, contract with outside developers or operators, coordinate the public policy inputs of the zone, and monitor performance and compliance of TSEZ activities.

As such, the TSEZA is characterized by:

  • Broad powers and authority
  • Reporting access to the highest government levels
  • Autonomy—both on decision-making and budgetary level
  • Flexibility—by exempting it from civil service rules in terms of salaries, and of procurement
  • Autonomous income streams –including revenue sharing with local governments


The TSEZ Law allows for the Authority to contract private entities to develop and/or operate the zone and to collect payment from the beneficiaries in return for services related to investment activities or other services delivered directly by the operator, or provided under his supervision. The duration of investment and operation contracts or any similar or subsidiary contracts shall not exceed thirty years.

In this case, the Authority will retain its primary role as “regulator” and cede all management functions of the TSEZ to a professional operating enterprise.

The Authority shall license in-zone investment projects that involve commerce, industry, services, storage, as well as other activities and investment projects excluding tourist services.

The TSEZA’s primary responsibilities are to Regulate, monitor, develop and manage the TSEZ. Nevertheless, its Law allows for it to contract private entities to develop and/ or operate the Zone. In this case, the TSEZA cedes all management functions to a professional operating enterprise.

The TSEZA main mandate is divided into 3 responsibilities:


Regulation and monitoring

  • Regulates and supervises the users and occupants of TSEZ and ensure adherence to guidelines and directions.
  • Offers investors and users a comprehensive and simple environment to do business through minimizing red-tape and a liberal and flexible investment environment
  • Provides the set of policies and regulations for the development and sustainability of the TSEZ, tailored to understanding and meeting actual and potential investors’ needs and behaviors
  • Grants licenses to enterprises in the Zone
  • Monitors performance and compliances of the zones’ activities 




  • Supports the economy through attracting investments and creating jobs
  • Designs and implements development strategies for TSEZ
  • Ensures that Tripoli is a major player in the global logistics chain
  • Ensures that Tripoli is an economic point of attraction for investments in the Middle East
  • Establishes a relevant partnership with the local and international organizations, government and private sector including training institutions
  • Establishes a one-stop shop of services and business facilitation that attracts diverse and efficient investors to TSEZ
  • Ensures the adherence to the standards related to the environment protection



  • Manages the operations of the TSEZ and enables the users in the zone to compete effectively
  • Manages Contracts and supports marketing efforts to optimize users experiences and ensure “quiet enjoyment”
  • Secures onsite development finance
  • Leases sells lands/SFBs for users and follows up on the efficiency of the service provision

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