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TSEZ aims to develop a high-end business environment within Lebanon to boost the economic development through direct and indirect benefits including various economic activities inside and outside the Zone. TSEZ will foster domestic economy by purchase of inputs, sale of goods and zone worker’s consumption.


TSEZ  tenants will benefit from: 

  • High-quality utility services: The TSEZA will provide, at a fee, the following services:
  • 24/7 electricity
  • Water services
  • Sewage collection
  • Telecom and Broadband
  • Industrial liquid waste collection and treatment
  • Hazardous waste storage and destruction
  • Solid waste collection
  • Security: The TSEZ site will be fenced and the fencing system will encompass cameras with night visions and sensors detection systems. The fence will hold back all trespassing activities and will be composed of a concrete base and an upper part of wire mesh. The total height of fence will reach 4 to 4.75m.
  • Work permits and Visa delivery:TSEZA is mandated to issue work permits and to facilitate the visas for foreign employees and TSEZ tenants’ visitors.
  • Customs clearance:TSEZA will negotiate an agreement with Lebanese Customs to provide a streamlined system for the control of the import and export of goods from the TSEZ and into both the Customs Territory of Lebanon and the Rest of the World. The entry and exit procedures will be simple and predictable and will rely on post entry/exit audits with minimal inspections (say 2% of shipments)
  • Environmental services: including Environmental monitoring, auditing, and training
  • Dispute resolution:TSEZA will create a quick, efficient and low-cost dispute resolution mechanism for the TSEZ enterprises to resolve commercial and contractual disputes and will establish an Administrative Tribunal to adjudicate any appeals by affected parties of TSEZA decisions made under TSEZ regulations, rules or procedures.


TSEZ Fiscal and Administrative Benefits:

  • Total capital and profit repatriation
  • Unrestricted currency conversion
  • 100% foreign ownership of companies
  • Flexible labor laws with up to 50% foreign labor allowed
  • No limitation on local market sales as a percentage of production
  • No nationality conditions for the board of directors representation
  • Equal Treatment between foreign and local investments
  • No restrictions (export licenses) for local suppliers selling products to firms in the zone
  • One stop shop: All business procedures streamlined through a one-stop shop in the zone

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