Raya Haffar El Hassan
Raya Haffar El Hassan Raya Haffar El-Hassan holds an MBA degree in Finance and Investments, from the George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the American University of Beirut. Earlier in her career, Mrs. El-Hassan was advisor to the Minister of Economy and Trade and a program specialist for the Economic Governance and Pro-Poor portfolio at UNDP Lebanon. In the mid 90’s, she was responsible for overseeing the implementation of tax and expenditure management reforms at the Ministry of Finance. As Project Director within the Office of the Prime Minister (2003-2009), she oversaw several UN, World Bank and EU public sector reform projects and worked on the elaboration and the implementation of the government’s economic and social reform agenda under the Paris II and III International Donor Conferences for Lebanon. From November 2009 until June 2011, Mrs. El-Hassan served as the Minister of Finance in Lebanon, the first female in the Arab world to assume such a post.She is also serving on the advisory committee for the UNDP Arab Human Development report of 2015.
Ramzi El Hafez
Ramzi El Hafez Ramzi El Hafez is the founder of InfoPro, a publishing, business consultancy and market research firm. InfoPro is the publisher of the monthly magazine Lebanon Opportunities, and several other print and digital periodicals and business websites. InfoPro also conducts market and economic research for multinationals, local companies, public sector and international institutions. He is the chairman of Al-Majmoua, one of largest microcredit organizations in Lebanon and a member of the board of directors of several NGOs and organizations including the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL). He has published hundreds of articles on the economies of Lebanon and the Arab World, and is a frequent guest at business and economic talk-shows and conferences. His areas of specialty are: Private sector development, labor issues, green economy, economics, socio-economic policy, real estate, statistics, marketing, market research, polling, commercial and investment banking, SME development, venture capital and entrepreneurship. He holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
Antoun Rafli Diab
Antoun Rafli Diab Antoun Rafli Diab holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, from the University of Balamand. Since 2008, Mr. Diab worked in his family business Rafli Antoun Diab &CO s.a.r.l which is one of the top Lebanese factories of Marble and Granite. He was appointed in June 2012 as the general manager of the company. Trained in Italy, Mr. Diab represented the image of his company inside and outside Lebanon. He is well known for his effective leadership and his great skills in establishing business plans and budgets, his ability to create international relations, and his permanent insistence on motivating his staff and satisfying his customers.
Antoine Alfred Habib
Antoine Alfred Habib Antoine Alfred Habib has a BA in Lebanese Law from University of Saint Joseph and a Master in French Law from the University of Paris 2 (Assas) and a Diploma from Institut Supérieur des Etudes Bancaires de Paris. Presently, he holds the position of Public Relations Manager at Bank of Beirut s.a.l. He is currently a member of the Board of the Lebanese Promotion Council, member of the International Chamber of Commerce in Beirut, member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of North Lebanon, member of the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce of Beirut, member of the Rassemblement des Hommes d’Affaires et Chefs d’Entreprises Libanais (RDCL), member of the Board of the Tripoli Association for Tourism and Honoring President of Association for Development of Tripoli and Mina.He was previously Chairman of the Board of the Port of Tripoli, General Manager of Fares Foundation, member of the Board of trustees of University of Balamand and founding member of the Board of Solidere.
Wassim Manssouri
Dr. Wassim Mansouri is a lawyer at the Beirut Bar Association and a professor at the Faculty of Law of the Lebanese University. He is member of the International Court of Arbitration-The Hague and member of the Board of Tripoli Special Economic Zone. He was chosen as foreign personality of the year 2008 in France. He also taught public law at the University of Montpellier I, and was consultant to the Office of the defense of the STL (The Hague - Netherlands). He is currently Consultant to the Human Rights Committee in the Lebanese Parliament, Rapporteur of the journal AL - Adel (Bar Association of Beirut), Member of the Scientific Committee of the Institute of the Bar and currently chairs the Lebanese Constitutionalist Association. He recently collaborated in preparing ‘A Guide for Legislative Analysis’ for the Lebanese parliament and‘A Guide for Constitutional Drafting’in Tunisia.He is the author of numerous articles and studies.The Lebanese Government appointed him recently as member of the High Consultative committee of the Ministry of Justice and he is currently serving as the legal advisor for the Minister of Finance.
Asheer El-Daye
Asheer El-Daye Asheer El-Daye holds a Ph.D. in Private Law from the University of Strasbourg 3, France, a Master’s degree in International Business Laws from The University of London, King’s College, England and a ‘License en droit’ from Saint Joseph University, Lebanon. Earlier in his career,Dr. El-Daye was an international business law lecturer at the USJ and LAU Universities. He also delivered a series of lectures in Law held in Beirut and Tripoli. In 2003, he assisted the Lebanese government in drafting unified tender conditions for public works contracts. He is also the author of‘The New Commercial, Banking, and Arbitration Laws in Lebanon’ and numerous commercial law articles in newspapers and law reviews. Since 1995 till present, Dr. Achir is the managing partner ofBassam &Achir Daye Law Firm.

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